[thelist] Starting with Flash MX ActionScript

Marcus Andersson marcan at home.se
Wed Jan 28 17:57:49 CST 2004

After having done some extra thinking I think a small roadmap to 
learning Flash would be a good idea with writing ActionScripts as the 
goal. I've done some Flash before (some three years ago, Flash4) so it's 
extremely rusty.

So if anyone has any proposals on how I can learn it fast I'd be more 
than glad to hear about it.


Marcus Andersson wrote:

> Hi
> I want to do _coding_ with ActionScript in Flash MX 2004 and to get 
> going I need a good tutorial. Can anyone recommend one of those?
> I don't want a tutorial where you use those fancy graphical tools. I 
> want one where the object models is described and how I get my 
> ActionScripts inside and nicely integrated with the other parts of the 
> Flash Movie. I have deep previous knowledge of Javascript so that part 
> of it is already covered (and I saw those wonderful things about OO in 
> AS2.0 on Macromedias site :)
> Thanks
> /Marcus

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