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Thu Jan 29 07:22:53 CST 2004

Mark Gillingham wrote:
> This group has goo suggestions for a variety of applications. What do 
> you suggest for OS courseware. My students will learn to lead 
> discussions of texts, so will need to be able to read short articles 
> and discuss them online. I would prefer something than runs on LAMP 
> (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Thanks for your ideas.

I just finished building what you mention, although it is not Open-Source.
Evolv-ED (http://www.evolv-ed.com/BETA/) is a project that I have been
working on with a friend for the last few months, but we may be going the
business-route with it, rather than releasing the source, because a lot of
research and analysis went into building a solution that is different inside
from what a lot of the competitors in this field currently offer. I won't go
into the research here, but there are some key advantages to our system
which we think may make it marketable to companies especially. That all
being said, if you look on SourceForge I am sure you will find some things
that meet your needs, not the least of which is their "project of the month"
phpBB where you could put a forum up for class discussion and have each
article be a new thread, and class discussion can be replies.


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