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Derek Featherstone webadmin at furtherahead.com
Thu Jan 29 07:24:20 CST 2004

Mark Gillingham wrote:
> This group has goo suggestions for a variety of applications. What do
> you suggest for OS courseware. My students will learn to lead
> discussions of texts, so will need to be able to read short articles
> and discuss them online. I would prefer something than runs on LAMP
> (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Thanks for your ideas.

You may want to check out ATutor <http://www.atutor.ca> developed out of the
University of Toronto. I'll be honest -- I haven't delved into it that
deeply nor used it, but it appears feature rich, is open source, meets your
deployment requirements and is built with accessibility as a cornerstone of
the technology. I've met Greg Gay, Project Manager for Atutor and he's a
good guy, so I expect the software is pretty solid too... ;)

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