[thelist] re: My 12 year old son can do websites

Raditha Dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Thu Jan 29 07:53:48 CST 2004

john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:

I thought this thread was long dead but it has risen again like the pheonix

>Now, I've just very successfully finished a degree in Internet Computing,
>and I've always been a hand coder. But this stuff can take an awful long
>time to produce by hand. Won't everyone's desire for a quick fix win in

Not if google can help it! well the fact of the matter is size counts 
with search engines a 10kb page with 100 words of contents rarely gets 
good ranking. I know because we used to have a web designer who used to 
swear by these wysiwyg tools. he didn't last long :-)  and the sites he 
did never got any good positions compared to the success with some of 
our other sites.

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