[thelist] IE 5.0 Mac crashes on displaying form results

Phil phil at xlab.co.uk
Thu Jan 29 10:46:55 CST 2004

>>> Apparently using the search - 
>>> http://www.springfield-cars.co.uk/search/ - crashes IE 5.0 Mac. Can 
>>> anyone confirm this and/or shed any light on why this might happen?
>>> I've tested 5.1 and 5.2 on Panther and no problems were found.
> Tested running 5.1.7 and 5.0 under classic environment and worked fine.

Hmm, it's okay if your search doesn't return any results (e.g. search 
for cars under £3000), but crashes when returning results e.g. 
searching for cars under £5000 should produce 44 results, not a huge 
number of results, but the browser crashes when trying to retrieve the 

> Must be when running uder OS9 etc.

Yeah, that's my experience so far.

> How about trying 5.2 running under OS9 (not emulated), too busy to 
> restart
> at present...

As far as I know, the last version of IE under OS 9 was 5.1, so this 
may not be possible.

Thanks for checking it out - I'll need to dig deeper -  and sorry to 
anyone's machine I just crashed!


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