[thelist] Hand Coding vs. WYSIWYGs [was 12yr old]

Scott wolpow scott at netalytical.com
Thu Jan 29 21:44:45 CST 2004

I started out using Navipress back in 95. My mentor told me to use a text 
editor. I thought I knew better. I had done many sites by 2000, I had moved 
onto DW. Took a few years doing tech work. Came back and decided to try 
hard coding. While it does take long to initially write, I save a lot of 
time in revisions and I have a much better picture of what I am doing.
I do start newbies on a WYSIWYG they have them see the code. It seems to 
work quite well.
Scott Wolpow
Public CTO

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