[thelist] formatting problems with CSS - please help

Ben Morrison ben.morrison at dogstardesign.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 03:22:09 CST 2004

On 29/1/04 7:26 pm, "Ken Wan" <kwan at tourismwhistler.com> wrote:

> On the site I work with (currently tables and HTML... ugh!), there is a
> liquid layout in which the left column has a couple of rows of flag icons (8
> flags in two rows of 4). These are currently laid out using nested tables
> (main table for the three column with a table for formatting the flags in
> the left column). The table of flags is center aligned within the column.
> I¹d like to duplicate this with CSS but am encountering some frustrations.
> First, in getting rid of the table for formatting the flags, I¹ve put the
> group of flags in a div tag, with the img tags just entered consecutively.
> I¹ve also had to set padding for the flags so that they are not right up
> against each other. This works fine. However, I can¹t easily get the entire
> group of flags center aligned within the column. There doesn¹t seem to be a
> CSS attribute for aligning a box in the center (although there is one for
> text). Using ²text-align: center² is incorrect (but seems to work). I can
> use the padding around the flags to evenly space the flags out within the
> column, but this is extremely clunky.

Could you post us some URLS so we can see what it is you are trying to

Generally, centring is done with:

text-align: center;


margin: 0px auto;


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