[thelist] html email problem

Andrew Bayley andrew at arcticcircle.co.za
Fri Jan 30 06:38:22 CST 2004

sadly i suspected as much.  we've just redone the corporate image for the
client, and now they want us to emulate what the print department have done.
Trying to explain the difference between web and print to our client
services guys isn't always the easiest thing to do.  They tend to sell
something first, and then get upset when you explain that it might not work.

> One of our clients asked us to produce an html email

Oh dear

> containing their
> letterhead, which seemed a simple enough task.  However, when I try and
> print it out, the background color of the table cells prints out as 
> white.

This is because most clients are configured not to print background 
colours and images (to conserve ink).
> I have tried using several breeds of html, and even resorted to 
> setting a
> background 1px gif, but nothing seems to work.  Is there any command 
> that
> one can use to force the color to print?

You might try using a foreground image with some CSS, but CSS support 
by email clients is rather lacking.

I'd stick to plain text for email, but if you are going with it, then 
go with printer friendly (dark on light) colours and don't worry about 
backgrounds not printing.

David Dorward

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