[thelist] Email Obfuscation may be beaten?

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 30 08:22:22 CST 2004

I think the latter.
Because this technique of ASCII has been given out many times on many
lists, and spammers are also reading lists..
So converting ASCII back to readable email (especially since you keep
the a href=mailto:) is very easy to implement.
and there's no bothering in doing that, you code it once and for all in
your spambot. Spammers who program have only that in mind : improving
their spam bot.. like you improve in your webdesign skills or

I believe also that the javascript trick is a good one, especially since
the javascript function can be written in many different ways so it's
hard for a spambot programmer to care for that yet.

So, a javascript fonction that document.write the full a href link and
right after that you can put in clear "(myuser AT mydomain.com)" so that
the Luddites without javascript can also read your email and open their
favorite email program (because they wouldn't click on a mailto link
anyway, that's for tecchy people)


-----Original Message-----
I think the former, but was wondering if anyone else uses the ASCII 
technique and have had 'real' spam to the address.

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