[thelist] IE 5.0 Mac crashes on displaying form results (follow-up)

Phil phil at xlab.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 09:54:49 CST 2004

> I've just finished a site at work for a car dealership - 
> http://www.springfield-cars.co.uk - and I've heard problems from 
> people using IE 5.0 (Mac). Apparently using the search - 
> http://www.springfield-cars.co.uk/search/ - crashes the browser.

As a little follow-up to my problem - I've narrowed it down to a few 

For a start, it happens in 5.0 and 5.1, but not 5.2 - and, so far, only 
in Classic (OS 9). The problem seems to come from the PHP code which 
splits a large number of results up into pages. Removing this code 
allows the page to work fine. Strange I thought, especially as the PHP 
code is server-side..

Anyway, I've isolated IE 5.0 and IE 5.1 on Mac and removed the paging 
code. Not ideal (especially if your search returns 100 or so results) 
but at least it doesn't crash now.

Thanks for the advice anyway!


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