[thelist] Does my client have the MyDoom virus?

Thibaut Allender mailing at capsule.org
Fri Jan 30 10:45:08 CST 2004

on 30/01/2004 14:35, Joshua Olson wrote :

> Last night I received an email from my client to my personal address.  The
> message was the typical "The message contains Unicode characters and has
> been sent as a binary attachment." and the attachment was a ZIP with a .pif
> file inside of it.  My first thought would be yes, my client has a virus.
> Then it occurred to me... my client ONLY checks this particular account (the
> sender address on the mail I received) via the webmail interface provided by
> the email host... never via Outlook.  So, now I'm not so sure.

check the headers
this virus generates random senders and recipients

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