[thelist] New search engine system: Eurekster

Mike evolt at muinar.com
Fri Jan 30 11:05:58 CST 2004

Hi all

I think this is worth a look - a new search engine that is based on a
word-of-mouth system. Basically you can share your search experiences
with people that you invite to your search network.


Their index seems rather big, a search for 'flash sounds' showed my
http://flash.sounds.com/ site on place 1 of 3 Mio, as well as 'flash
list' on #1 of 9 Millions - exactly the same results as in AllTheWeb,
and a lot more results than in Google. Do they get their results
from AllTheWeb? This is no scientifical statement though, just an
impression   ;)

I looked up Danny Sullivan's SearchEngineWatch, to find this article
about Eurekster: http://searchenginewatch.com/searchday/article.php/3301481
He says that personalization is what Google, Yahoo & Co. are heading to,
and that Eurekster somewhat has driven past them.

It'll be interesting to follow how they succeed, and how others will
implement personalization into their systems.

Btw. if you'd like to share search results with me (and other Evolters),
use this link to sign in: http://home.eurekster.com/signin.htm?i=2006553
I'm not in any ways affiliated with them, other than that I've signed
up (using a 'personalized' email address of course, one never knows... ;)


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