[thelist] IIS 6 and PHP

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Fri Jan 30 11:34:33 CST 2004

Dear all

I have been trying to install PHP 4.3.4 on a PC running Windows 2003 
Server/IIS 6. I have installed as per the insructions, and when I 
type "php.exe [path to test file]" I get the correct output. However, I get a 
404 when I try and serve the test file through IIS to IE. I've checked that 
all permissions are correct as far as I can see. I've added the application 
mappings for .php files to php.exe. I'm running PHP as CGI, not ISAPI. Can 
anyone think of any gotchas on this platform?

Many thanks in advance.


Chris Marsh

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