[thelist] Does my client have the MyDoom virus?

Niklas Odebo niklaso at swipnet.se
Fri Jan 30 12:57:22 CST 2004

The MyDoom virus isn't specifik to a certain email client. You have to
open the attachment manually to get infected. More than likely it's
someone with your clients email adress in their adress book who
got infected as the virus randomly picks sender adresses from there.
Check the headers to see what ip adress it was sent from and report it
to the proper ISP.


> Joshua Olson wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Last night I received an email from my client to my personal address.  
>> The
>> message was the typical "The message contains Unicode characters and has
>> been sent as a binary attachment." and the attachment was a ZIP with a 
>> .pif
>> file inside of it.  My first thought would be yes, my client has a virus.
>> Then it occurred to me... my client ONLY checks this particular 
>> account (the
>> sender address on the mail I received) via the webmail interface 
>> provided by
>> the email host... never via Outlook.  So, now I'm not so sure.
>> Thoughts?
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>> Joshua Olson
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>> WAE Tech Inc.
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