[thelist] Explorer market share down in 2003?

Shawn K. Quinn skquinn at frogger.kicks-ass.net
Fri Jan 30 22:50:12 CST 2004

On Friday 2004 January 30 07:28, Peter-Paul Koch wrote:
> While studying the browser stats that I happen to have available, it
> seemed to me that Explorer has lost a bit of market share in 2003. I
> wondered if anyone had seen the same trend, or the reverse.

It's impossible to know for sure. The statistics simply do not exist. 
Quite possibly, fewer hits from browsers that identify as IE could just 
mean that more users are disguising what their browsers identify as, or 
less tolerance for stupid "browser detection" schemes that have no 
place on the Web in 2004.

You might want to keep this in mind, too: <http://www.ircache.net/> This 
is a free network of caching proxies that anyone can hook up to 
servicing (primarily) the US. Caching proxies are already in common use 
outside North America, in particular in most of Europe and Asia.

Shawn K. Quinn

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