[thelist] Explorer market share down in 2003?

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 31 04:29:06 CST 2004

>     Probably the most-balanced statistics would come from Google, but as 
>as I am aware, they don't provide browser-usage statistics for their site.
>1. http://www.upsdell.com/BrowserNews/stat_trends.htm

Having said all this, do you personally believe that Explorer has lost 1 to 
2% market share? I'm looking for opinions.

>In summary:
>- Gecko gaining the "other" segment.
>- IE down off it's peak, but still up YoY.
>- More diversification of fringe useragents.
>- Significant increase in non-human activity.

Yes, that's what I saw, too, except for the robots. I don't detect robots at 

>It's impossible to know for sure. The statistics simply do not exist.

Of course it is, but if sufficient people report a slight decrease in IE 
market share I'm willing to believe it's actually happening. What do YOUR 
browser stats say?

>Quite possibly, fewer hits from browsers that identify as IE could just
mean that more users are disguising what their browsers identify as,

Less users disguising, actually. IE cannot be disguised.

>or less tolerance for stupid "browser detection" schemes that have no
place on the Web in 2004.

Don't understand. What do you mean by browser detection schemes, who doesn't 
tolerate them, what does he do about it and how is this related to a 
possible drop in IE market share?

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