[thelist] [javascript] Anyway to dynamically change the text on screen?

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Sat Jan 31 18:43:01 CST 2004

Another hopefully quick and easy JavaScript question.

I have to create a slide show type script. This slide show involves 
changing both the image and the text around the image. I know that if I 
place text in textfields I can use javascript to change the text. What I 
am wondering is if I place text in a unique div, if I can use javascript 
to change the text in that?

So I would have something like this

<div id="directory">Ron Howard</div>

Is there anyway of changing the text, using javascript, to something 
like - Stephen Spielberg?

I realize that I could probably place each piece of text in its own div 
and then use javascript to hide and unhide, or to alter the z value of 
each of the divs, but that is way too much work for this. I am looking 
for a quick and simple solution, so if I can't do that above, then it is 
back to text boxes.


<javascript noobie at work>

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