[thelist] photo captions

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Sun Feb 1 11:18:28 CST 2004

Daniel Medley wrote:

> Is there a way of using css to add captions to an inline photo?

img:after {
	content: attr(title);

(alternatively img:before)

However, (1) positioning (layout) possibilities are nil, and
(2) is this even really a good idea?

Essentially, you're saying that the caption is not relevant content,
that it's only decoration that non-CSS UAs don't need to render.
That seems unlikely, eh?

BTW, this:

> Tony Crockford wrote:
> and here's a suggestion for a pure CSS semantic soultion:
> http://richardathome.no-ip.com/index.php?article_id=59

seems, by the DTD, to be invalid -- labels are only allowed in forms.
Which is too bad; I've thought for quite a while that the W3C should
have defined CAPTION as applicable to any block or replaced element,
but LABEL would do as well, possibly better...

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