[thelist] PWRD protected area

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Sun Feb 1 16:12:51 CST 2004

At 22:09 01/02/2004, you wrote
>Good day kind evolters,
>I am looking to provide a secure area of my site for visitors to
>upload/download files over http.  I would need to have several different
>areas, say one for each client, 10 clients, where they can upload files to
>me and I can provide files for them to download, and maybe a BB type set-up
>as well for each individual client.  Of course each password protected.

webpage based admin and email confirmation of "membership"


runs via .htpassword and .htaccess

good support (one man band)


>Curious as to your recommendations of something relatively easy to set-up /
>maintain.  Or at least pointers into the technologies I need to learn about
>in order to get this up and running.
>This will  be hosted on an Apache server.

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