[thelist] Email Obfuscation may be beaten?

Liam Delahunty liam at megaproducts.co.uk
Sun Feb 1 17:29:45 CST 2004

on 01/02/2004 09:46 John C Bullas wrote:

> At 22:45 31/01/2004, you wrote
>> on 30/01/2004 13:59 John C Bullas (soton.ac.uk relay) wrote:
>>>>>> http://www.liamdelahunty.com/tips/email_obfuscation_for_spambots/spambot_03.php 
>>> can you post the script (or make it available) for us to use locally?
> quick question....
> where does thetargetaddress at somedomain.com go?
> between the quotes in $encoded=""
> if so, how does this get around bots that read files as plain text files 
> and sees the source
> FB
> Sorry, I am confused

I'd use the code to create a form that you'd use once in a while to 
create the ascii encoded bits. This is better that doing it 'inline' as
1. it doesn't have to be used on a php page
2. your server isn't doing the same bit of work every time.

If all you want is the output, just use the form on my page above.


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