[thelist] Another site check plz...

Rodrigo Galindez rodrigo at cedha.org.ar
Mon Feb 23 05:32:42 CST 2004

Alvaro, it looks pretty good ! I like the design, it's cool. Anyway, I 
see a little 1px border in the "mkt publicidad" logo, it doesn't make 
the logo looks bad, but i would  take it off. Oh, and that shadow behind 
the girl too ... :-)


Alvaro Medina wrote:

>Hello folks,
>Following in the JWP line, I wish to ask you if you could take a look at a page I'm doing. It's just the homepage (the followers of "IE viewport wider..." and "Javascript CSS problem in Opera" already know the page, but it's slightly changed). Also, the page is in spanish, but it has almost no text. I am looking for design comments and critics.
>The page is at http://www.mktpublicidad.cl/test/index5.html
>Thanks in advance,
>Alvaro Medina G.
>alvaromg at vtr.net
>Santiasco, Chile

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