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Bill Haenel mail at webmarketingworx.com
Mon Feb 23 08:21:42 CST 2004

> > First question: what was the purpose of the site and who are the 
> > intended users?
> Corporate America specifically those in Supply Chain 
> Management.  The purpose is to pass along information about 
> our Software company Terra Technology. And the solutions we 
> offer.  And since IE is pretty much standard across the board 
> with large corporations due to MS stranglehold and what not 
> the site is designed for IE and that is all the boss man 
> cares about


I will assume that you will receive plenty of messages about your above
comment on IE penetration and corporations. Equally well-covered will be
the issues of style and design. So I will avoid these topics. However I
do have some friendly selling advice.

The purpose of your site may be to pass along information about your
company and its solutions (i.e. "SELL"), but your selling-strategy
should not necessarily be a mirror of your purpose. The information may
not ever be conveyed if there is no compelling reason to read it.

I might recommend that instead of speaking from your company's vantage
point, try speaking from your prospect's POV. Speak of their needs more
than of your capabilities, or speak of your products and services via
conversation about their concerns and challenges. "You have a problem.
Your problem is this. We understand. We see your problem this way.
That's why we've released this new product to solve your problem." As
soon as your visitor sees something that relates to their plight, they
will be interested in reading through. Then, as they read on, remind
them that you are able to fulfill their needs. 

You've done an okay job of this in a few places, but more than not, the
site is all about you, not about the visitor. Make it about the client,
not about the company.

Just my $.02 USD. HTH.

Bill Haenel

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