[thelist] Another site check plz...

Alvaro Medina incomt65 at hotpop.com
Mon Feb 23 10:17:45 CST 2004

> The site looks realy nice. One comment, though: Would you consider putting
> some information about the company on the home page? It's rare these days
> see an image/navigation only home page.
Thanks Scott! You're right, but actually is the client's idea; he had
already made his mind about site structure. I liked that idea, and now it's
too late to make such change, because ¿where would I put some paragraph of
text? I should have to change the entire design... I will be more insistent
with my next client.

Thanks and regards,
Alvaro Medina G.
alvaromg at vtr.net
Santiago, Chile

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