[thelist] Tomcat, JBoss, or JRun - which is better for learning j2ee?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Mon Feb 23 09:32:33 CST 2004

Chris Johnston wrote:

> I am taking a job this summer where I will be working on a web 
> application created using J2EE. I know Java, however, I do not know JSP, 
> EJB, servlets, etc. To correct this, I am planning on installing a java 
> server onto my linux computer in order to learn the technology.
> The question that I have is which would be better to install - Tomcat, 
> JBoss, JRun, Oracle 9i AS?
> (The point) is twofold: (1) to learn JSP and related technology and 
> (2) to learn the server side of things as well. I realize that the 
> easiest way to achieve #1 would be to install Tomcat, however, I am not 
> sure if this would sastify my second goal.

Since Tomcat is the reference implementation of the servlet/JSP
specs plus very well-supported in terms of mailing lists, docs,
examples, etc. -- I'd say it's the clear choice. JBoss includes
Tomcat, adding J2EE compliance. (I've no experience with Oracle,
slight, not recent, experience with JRun, though.)

I'm not sure what you mean by your point (2), though -- could
you clarify? I mean, JSP *is* a server side technology, and it
and servlets are inextricably wed to the concept of a "servlet

But the bottom line is: yes, install Tomcat first, JBoss later :-)

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