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Maximillian Schwanekamp anaxamaxan at neptunewebworks.com
Mon Feb 23 11:38:48 CST 2004

Hi Alvaro,

It looks good, but it seems a little passive. There doesn't seem to be any
reason to click further in - rather like a magazine ad aimed at simply
putting the brand name in the readers' brain, to get them primed for the TV
ads or something.  It doesn't have much call to action - why should I click
through?  Maybe open up a little space between the nav links and the
decorative mosaic, and have some mouseover text (images) appear for each nav
link.  Or, do the same but have the mouseover text replace the ropa
publicitaria/corporativa/trabajo text.

Nice markup!

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Hello folks,

Following in the JWP line, I wish to ask you if you could take a look at a
page I'm doing. It's just the homepage (the followers of "IE viewport
wider..." and "Javascript CSS problem in Opera" already know the page, but
it's slightly changed). Also, the page is in spanish, but it has almost no
text. I am looking for design comments and critics.

The page is at http://www.mktpublicidad.cl/test/index5.html

Thanks in advance,
Alvaro Medina G.
alvaromg at vtr.net
Santiasco, Chile
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