[thelist] Server side CSS

Sam Carter scforum at iness.com
Mon Feb 23 15:28:25 CST 2004

I've had server - side generated CSS to change background colors running
fine for over a year.
Knowing Browsers load CSS sheets once for efficiency, I can't remember at
all how I managed to get the browser to reload the modified stylesheet when
a parameter was changed.  How would the browser know a server session
variable changed?  No way.  So how come it was loading a fresh CSS page very
time the user clicked the right icon?  I dunno.
Of course, it quit working the minute I realized that this might be a
problem.  Sure enough, hitting the browser refresh loads the revised page
and everything is hunkey dorey.
Reminds me of Wiley Coyote running off a cliff.  He hovers in mid air but
doesn't fall and is afraid to look down.  He feels around, nope, no ground,
so he peeks and THEN falls like a rock.
Any help other than a large heavy object appreciated.

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