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Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 23 19:51:31 CST 2004

I suppose if the company you're designing for is in Supply Chain 
Management, then the company I work for is a competitor. I have to 
laugh at the "boring" comment because we are counting on that tendency 
toward boringness to differentiate our company from all the others when 
we roll out our redesigned collateral.

I think the layout and design of the site look good. I like the 
double-lined T on the first page just as it is. It doesn't seem 
unfinished to me at all, and where you have used it as a divider I 
really like it. It fits with your nice use of whitespace.

The white and yellow against the blue side navigation bar is difficult 
to read. The white and yellow are not contrasted enough to easily read 
it. Perhaps bold text would help.

Probably what appears most "boring" aside from the colors is that I 
don't feel there is a "call to action". This, of course, is not your 
fault. It's a content thing.

On Monday, February 23, 2004, at 04:00 AM, 
thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:

>> Not a bad design. Nice and clean, fairly straight forward, and really
>> really boring. There is nothing here to prompt the user to ever go any
>> further into the site.
> Thank you, and well Corporate America is a boring place.
>> First question: what was the purpose of the site and who are the
>> intended users?
> Corporate America specifically those in Supply Chain Management.
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