[thelist] CSS background positioning and link borders

Gregory Wostrel info at gwcreative.com
Tue Feb 24 07:54:01 CST 2004

I want a certain effect and I am almost getting it but I have been 
going around and around trying to get it just right. (I know, I know, 
it is not print...)

This is the page:
the css is embedded in the head.

this is the concept:

Two problems:

1. in the left column with the logo and the links I am trying to get 
the background image to be relative to the column not the viewport. So 
that when the window is resized it is fixed against the right and 
bottom of the column and is revealed more and more from the left. 
Appearing, as it were, from outside the left edge. Is this even 

2. The links. As on the concept, I want to have a thick border to the 
right showing the active page and also to be a hover effect. I can do 
it with CSS and borders but I am trying to have it always running along 
the edge of the column even though it is a different distance from the 
end of the link text. (plus I want to keep the left alignment - I don't 
want much, huh?)
I know that it would be a pretty simple thing with graphics and 
rollovers, but I am trying to go the CSS route here.

Thanks for considering this,
Gregory Wostrel

gw at gwcreative.com
Communications and the Art of Simplicity

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