[thelist] CSS background positioning and link borders

Stephen Caudill SCaudill at municode.com
Tue Feb 24 08:47:18 CST 2004

--------------- Gregory Wostrel wrote: --------------- 
: 1. in the left column with the logo and the links I am trying to
: get the background image to be relative to the column not the
: viewport. So that when the window is resized it is fixed against
: the right and bottom of the column and is revealed more and more
: from the left. Appearing, as it were, from outside the left edge.
: Is this even possible?
: 2. The links. As on the concept, I want to have a thick border to
: the right showing the active page and also to be a hover effect.
: I can do it with CSS and borders but I am trying to have it
: always running along the edge of the column even though it is a
: different distance from the end of the link text. (plus I want to
: keep the left alignment - I don't want much, huh?)
: I know that it would be a pretty simple thing with graphics and
: rollovers, but I am trying to go the CSS route here.
1. removing "fixed" from the .sidebar class keeps it relative to 
the column, not the view port.  I got closer results to what you
were looking for also, by exchanging "right" for "left" in the same
class.  This is what my rule looked like:
.sidebar { background: #ccc url(swoosh-background.gif) no-repeat right bottom; }

2. I was bored. This should do it:


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