[thelist] CSS and Netscape 6

Alvaro Medina incomt65 at hotpop.com
Tue Feb 24 12:06:11 CST 2004

Dear gals and guys,

I have a problem with some css attribute in Netscape 6. I give to a <div> a color background, but in netscape the background doesnt shows up. When marking the position of the div as anything but static, the background appears, but also hides the other divs at the top. You can look at the page in http://www.mktpublicidad.cl/test/index7.html and the css at http://www.mktpublicidad.cl/test/paginas7.css. The div to look is #cuerpo.

Many thanks,

Alvaro Medina G.
incomt65 at hotpop.com
Santiago, Chile

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