[thelist] RSS Readers with authentication?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Tue Feb 24 14:29:06 CST 2004

the head lemur wrote:

> Why on earth would you want to restrict an RSS feed?
> What a weird idea. If the stuff is so precious use VPN.

For the same reason we have password-protected Web sites, not all
of which are "precious" enough to require VPN (or SSL). It's more
a matter of not exposing it to casual trawlers...

> But to futz up a specification whose existance is about publication is a
> crazy idea.

Uh, "futz up" *what* specification?

Am I wrong in thinking RSS is HTTP-transport-based? Authentication
is a transport issue, and as such part of the HTTP spec. The server
sending the feed is just a Web server responding to a request, and
whether UAs are requesting HTML or XML is immaterial.

There's no reason an RSS UA couldn't provide the same ability as a
Web browser UA to respond to an authentication request.

My question was whether someone's implemented one, or whether I'll
have to find another solution...

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