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> Thanks, but really I wasn't talking about that; I was
talking about to put,
> maybe as meta data, a tag with the date and original page
> invisible for display, but visible if one wanted to view
the code. Like the
> "author" or "generator" metatags.


> The date thing is when the date must not be shown, but it
would be useful to
> have it somewhere hidden.
> Also, my question was about "standard" meta tags, that
could be used perhaps
> by the spiders and others. Guess I'd have to make my own
> Alvaro Medina G.
> alvaromg at vtr.net
> Santiago, Chile


The Dublin Core meta information system can be used to
classify or identify a document, such as when the document
is part of an online library.

There are specific meta tags for date created and location
of the document (URL).

See informatioin on the Dublin Core system at:

 which shows examples of the D.C. for HTML and

which lists the basic D.C. elements.

The  D.C. home page is

To answer your question explicitly:
<meta name = "DC.Date.Created"  content = "2003-11-14">
<meta name = "DC.Date.Last-modified" content = "2004-01-20">
<meta name = "DC.Location" content =

There is no reason, though, why you have to use something
like the D.C.
Meta data using the "name-content format is reasonably
flexible, and I think you would be on solid ground to just

<meta name = "Last-modified"  content = "1998-05-20">
<meta name = "Location"  content = "www.YOUR.URL/">

Mike Hopkins
ironmike at inav.net

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