[thelist] Tomcat, JBoss, or JRun - which is better for learni ng j2ee?

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Tue Feb 24 16:46:24 CST 2004

Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> Steve Lewis wrote:

> The point was that using an IDE to set "breakpoints" is something
> I couldn't help with, because I don't use Sun One Studio or any
> other IDE.
Sorry, I scanned the document and it never said anything about IDEs in 
particular which triggered my 'umm' alarm.  The authors assert that 
debug-mode scaffolding is "better" than using a debugger connected to 
the Java VM.  My response:

a) I missed that on my first pass--they do not really compare to IDEs 
directly and
b) I am sorry for the authors that they have not used the tools I have.

The Eclipse Project debugger does a stellar job of watching the VM stack 
and is tightly integrated into an excellent IDE.  I am a huge fan of 
using debug-mode logging.  I was converted, however, when I started 
working with Eclipse.  The benefit of a good debugger in deeply 
recursive or abstract code greatly outweighs the simplicity of using 
system.out.println or it's ilk.

> to debugging. And I think this is *especially* true for a Web app
> environment, where a process-triggering event is an HTTP request.
I cannot disagree that this makes the process more difficult in general, 
but all Tomcats base are belong to the Eclipse Project debugger. :)

of course. ditto.


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