[thelist] Tomcat, JBoss, or JRun - which is better for learni ng j2ee?

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Tue Feb 24 18:48:30 CST 2004

Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> Steve Lewis wrote:

> Still, I've looked at both Eclipse and NetBeans and never really
> figured out *how* to apply them to a servlet/JSP/Beans *Web* app,
> as opposed to a standalone Java app. And the introductory tutorial
> is not helpful in this regard.

I do not work with JSPs, but with a single servlet (alas, we are /not/ 
J2EE yet.)

For localhost: I use an ant target to start the servlet.  From there, 
click up the Run -> Debug... -> Remote Java Application.  New.  Enter a 
name, point to the Java project I am working on.  Apply.  Debug.  Not 
too hard.

 From there I can add breakpoints by double-clicking in the left-margin 
on a line of code in the file or right clicking and selecting breakpoint 
from the context menu.

Go to the browser, click the link.  The debugger catches execution at 
the breakpoint and shows me the stack.  I can fully navigate the call 
stack over all threads in the VM.

EJBs should work just as well.  JSPs would be another gig, and I do not 
have the plugin but it looks like someone else can answer your question 
there. :)

Any specific place you are getting hung up?


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