[thelist] Mozilla: Shortcut on desktop?

Mike evolt at muinar.com
Wed Feb 25 07:08:28 CST 2004

At 11:21 25.02.2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Now to get the shortcut, just navigate to the installation directory, 
>which for me was
>"C:\My Documents\downloads\programmes\MozillaFirebird\MozillaFirebird.exe"
>find the programme,
>right click on it and while keeping the right mouse button pressed, drag 
>over to the desktop,
>let go of the mouse,
>you should have a little dialgue box,
>select "create shortcut here".
>Then select the shortcut, press F2 (function key labeled F2) and edit the 
>label for the shortcut.

Uh no, I was looking for a way to make website shortcuts, not to
Moz itself.

Thanks anyway   :)

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