[thelist] {CSS} long page only showing one page in print preview

DESCHAMPS Stéphane DSI/SICOR stephane.deschamps at francetelecom.com
Wed Feb 25 07:10:36 CST 2004

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> De : Paul Bennett
> Hi there Evolters
> I have a CSS conundrum that I need help with:
> Many pages* on a site I am completing are long ( > 1 page to 
> print) but 
> only 1 page shows in the print preview. When the page is printed, all 
> the data prints but something stops the content data displaying 
> completely in the print preview. This occurs in IE6, Moz 1.6, 
>  but not 
> in Opera 6.03, or 7.11 (all on PC)
> The main content is in a container div which is absolutely 
> positioned - 
> could this affect it?

I kind of remember a while back (1-2 years) frequent rants about this kind of problem. It should be solved by not using absolute positioning -- nor float on the main element...

Float in the main element was a problem ALA had, IIRC.

Here's a little food for thought: <http://www.alistapart.com/articles/goingtoprint/>


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