[thelist] PHP and anchor link problem

Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Wed Feb 25 16:50:38 CST 2004

Hello all!

 I'm having an issue with a page that is supposed to be displaying the various
sections of a library policy manual for the library at which I work. The concept
is that the entire manual is databased, and the initial PHP page lists the
various manuals available. From there, the user can click on a set of policies
and get a list of all of the policies that are in that manual, first listed as a
set of internal anchors, then the policies themselves. The theory is that when
you click on the section name, you will jump down to the appropriate section in
that document. Because the policy manual ID is coming through over the URL, I'm
having problems with this. The page that I've set up so far is at
http://www.mrrl.org/admin/policies.php. It calls the sections.php page which
does what it's supposed to, but then when I click on an internal anchor, I lose
the ID variable. Any ideas on how to get around this?? Thanks,

Robin Hastings
robin at rhastings.net

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