[thelist] tips on avoiding "bcc"ing to avoid being a spammer

Maisha Walker maisha at e-vent.org
Wed Feb 25 18:33:03 CST 2004


I'm looking for an article that I can send to a client that outlines in
detail some of the ways to avoid being seen as spam.

I've seen many articles, but most of them list the same few items and don't
mention the rest.

For example, I thought I had read many times (of course I can find the
articles) that if you place all of your subscriber's addresses in the "bcc"
field this is a primary trigger for spam filters.  But I haven't seen this
listed in the articles I found in my bookmarks or through Yahoo.

Am I mistaken that using the bcc field is a spam trigger?

If anyone has an article or white paper that includes the "bcc" spam
trigger, can you please share it?


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