[thelist] How to connect Tomcat 5 and Apache 2.0.48 using mod_jk

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Feb 25 18:37:03 CST 2004

Chris Johnston wrote:

> Yes, I have tried it and I have no idea what the error is. In the 
> tutorial, it states that I need to add some text to both server.xml and 
> the apache httpd.conf file. I also need to create a workers.properties 
> file inside a certain directory. However, I have followed all these 
> directions, and I am using the latest version of mod_jk, and Tomcat 5 
> will not start. I run the startup script and a second terminal window 
> opens, some text flies by, and the window closes before I can see any 
> error output.

1) Does apache start? Or more importantly, does `apache -t` give
    a green light to your httpd.conf with a LoadModule directive
    for mod_jk? :-)

2) What's the exact directive in httpd.conf for JkWorkersFile ?

3) Make sure you're got your CATALINA_HOME environment variable
    set; then, in a command window, go to that directory and

    C:\tomcat\> .\bin\catalina.bat run

Note: that's "run", not "start" -- you should see the startup
process in that window, errors included. Send 'em to me off-list.

> What is this AJP13 connector that you are talking about. All I know 
> about is mod_jk. Are they the same thing?

Yeah, sorry, more on that later after we get this running.. :-)

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