[thelist] stupid php include question

Alvaro Medina incomt65 at hotpop.com
Wed Feb 25 20:10:03 CST 2004

I'm not a PHP geek, but I had have the same problems. You should try use the
full server path, not the URI. You must ask your hosting provider which is
the full path of your site, if you dont know it. Generally, is something
like somecomputer/someuser/www/etcaetera/etcaetera

So, instead of having:


you should have


Also, it may be because you are trying to access a file outside the public
folder, as a cgi-bin folder or like. That has never worked for me either.

Hope this helps,

Alvaro Medina G.
incomt65 at hotpop.com
Santiago, Chile
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> I'm sorry. I'm a php novice. I checked php.net but the answer was not
> apparent to me there.
> When you use SSI you can include a file using / as the root level.
> Doesn't seem to work for php. How the heck do you do the same? Example
> SSI:
> <!--#include virtual="/path/to/file.html" -->
> Sorry.
> Diane
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