[thelist] tips on avoiding "bcc"ing to avoid being a spammer

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BCC has been abused mightily by spammers, such that ISPs have no choice but
to filter BCC'd messages.  No business should be relying on BCC'd email to
communicate.  Fortunately there are scads of *legitimate* solutions
available for doing mass/broadcast mailing without using the BCC field.
AutoresponsePlus.com is my favorite, but just google a bit you'll find
plenty of options.  Or check WilsonWeb.com for reviews of some of the
better-known choices.

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Actually, where I work we send mass-mailings from time to time and we find
that Hotmail and Yahoo, among a few others, do indeed take our mail as spam
because we have all of the addresses in the BCC field.

I hope someone can knows of any articles or documents relating to this.


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