[thelist] SQL Server SELECT TOP on result set

Les Lytollis leslytollis at dimensions-corporatewear.co.uk
Thu Feb 26 08:00:32 CST 2004

Hi All
I need to trasform some data by splitting a field and getting the
distinct results of the first part of the string. The problem is that
the data is dirty and I am trying to "clean" it through SQL. To give an
The original data is in the form
ProductCode    ProductName
abcd-10            green shirt
abcd-20            green shirt
abcd-30            grn shirt
efg-10               ladies trousers
efg-20               ladies' trousers
efg-30               trousers - ladies
I have split out the ProductCode field to get a StockItemCode with a
function and got as far as
SELECT DISTINCT fnGetStockCode(ProductCode) AS StockItemCode,
    ProductName AS StockItemName
FROM products
StockItemCode    StockItemName
abcd                    green shirt
abcd                    grn shirt
efg                       ladies trousers
efg                       ladies' trousers
efg                       trousers - ladies
but I now need to get just the first result for each StockItemName
what I want to end up with is:
StockItemCode    StockItemName
abcd                green shirt
efg                   ladies trousers
I have tried using TOP 1 but I can't get to "TOP 1 for each distinct
Any help would be appreciated
PS - Tab, Joshua - thanks for input on my last SQL question, I haven't
gotten around to trying it yet, but will post it as a tip when I do!
Les Lytollis
Web Developer

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