[thelist] PHP and anchor link problem

Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Thu Feb 26 09:41:20 CST 2004

Quoting Alvaro Medina <incomt65 at hotpop.com>:

> Take out "sections.php" from the links, leave just the #anchors.

Moving the # anchor to the end (and ultimately removing the sections.php from
the link altogether) worked like a charm. I had been moving stuff around and
messing with it so much that it had broken the PHP code block below that listed
out the various sections, but that was easy enough to fix. Thanks so much for
all of your help!!

BTW, Alvaro, your suggestion to tighten up the navigation is an excellent one,
and is probably similar to what we will end up doing. I just threw this together
to show my boss how it will be formatted on the web. The navigation will be
tweaked after she approves the overall look of the policies. Thanks for the
suggestion - I'll have someone else's comments to fall back on if she takes
issue with the idea now!!

Robin Hastings
robin at rhastings.net

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