[thelist] Getting compliant code from normal people

Mark Kennedy mark at eurogamer.net
Thu Feb 26 10:53:31 CST 2004

Hi there,

>Option 2 -- Tie their hands: I'm looking for something like a CMS that will
>work with templates I create, but allow the authors very limited design
>control. Sort of like fill-in-the-blanks page creation. I'd be happy with any
>sort of front end that not only validates but generates structurally proper
>XHTML. I realize that I could roll my own, but I'd really rather avoid that
>for obvious reasons. My ideal would be something open source. Barring that, it
>needs to be affordable. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Be careful here, because you have to think of EVERYTHING they'll want to do, and
unless you have time to add new features to your templates every time they
realise they need one, you'll just get whinged at for making their lives so much
harder than they were before.

"Oh I need to be able to do interviews with two different interviewers!", etc.

I was quite tempted to try out XMLSpy's solution to XML authouring: 'Authentic'
when I had a similar problem, but we didn't have the time for a proper
investigation (or money to pay for the StyleVision template designer).  Maybe it
will do what you need.


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