[thelist] Getting compliant code from normal people

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Thu Feb 26 11:42:24 CST 2004

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>From: "Rob Day" <rday at tsl.state.tx.us>
>Option 2 -- Tie their hands:
>I'm looking for something like a CMS that will work with templates I
create, but allow the authors very limited design control.

Which programming language/environment do you use?

I am (our company is) developing the exact same thing as you describe for a
customer at the moment, using apache/mysql/perl.

I have already developed a searchable document server for them, and am just
starting on the content-management section.

If you are interested in swapping notes etc, you can email me offlist.

richard.b at gritechnologies.com

As to getting compliant code, I went with a strict frame-work which has a
user-interface for the staff to chose which pages the site has, and which
features each page has, which template to use etc etc.
The actual content can then be entered using a small online text-editor,
allowing set styles to be applied to the text, and simple things like lists.
There is also a requirement to accept cut'n'paste html, or converted .doc
files, and run this through a cleaner, not sure how well that'll work
I'm also interested in hearing other peoples ideas...



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