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Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Thu Feb 26 13:36:56 CST 2004

browse results for "meaning of colors" in google..
But colors meaning depends on the background culture of your target
For example in western cultures white is associated with pureness while
it is red that conveys this meaning in asian cultures.

Anyway here're some meanings (western although they advertise it as
"universal" which is typical) found on one of the result pages on google
Red is a strong color with a heavy vibration level. It attracts the eye
and stimulates the mind. It stands for force, aggression, and high
energy. It is a color of leadership and also the color of the pioneer.
Red makes the first move. A dark red could indicate a tense situation. A
light red, indecision. 
Blue is the color of higher thoughts and matters of mystery. It shows
devotion and steady progress. Blue is the color of creative energy and
artistic projects. It shows quiet wisdom and is often associated with
the betterment of mankind. Blue cares about the welfare of others, it
shows compassion and great inner strength. 

Green is the color of nature and it soothes and refreshes. The color of
green is considered healing and a good omen for those in trouble. Green
is a strong energy and attracts a lot of positive power, it is the shade
of peace and harmony. Green can indicate a situation that will seek the
most peaceful solution possible, and follow the paths of least
resistance. It is the color of honesty and truth. 

Yellow is friendly and cheerful. It shows action and warmth, and is also
the color of intelligence. Yellow is the shade of social energy and will
indicate a lot of cooperation from others. Yellow is not the color of a
leader, yellow prefers to follow. The color yellow also represents
curiosity and the desire to make things better. 

Purple represents the energy of the quest. It is the color of things
dedicated to seeking and finding the answers of lifes mysteries. Purple
is also the color of royalty, self confidence and ego. Great ambition
accompanies this shade and it can be the energy of fame and might.
Purple is luxury and carries the power of big profits. 

Orange is a sun color and is full of energy. It shows things that move
fast and that have great strength of purpose. It is not really a color
of material wealth, but rather a wealth of the mind and knowledge.
Orange represents the energy that enjoys giving to others. It can
indicate all growing things and new beginnings. 

Brown is the color of the earth and shows a firm and definite vibration.
It represents the practical side of things. Success comes by steady
work. It does not show energy that soars, but rather a secure and slower
force. Brown indicates things that work hard. It is the color of

Black shows a great feeling for form and for social events. It
represents a formal and rather reserved energy that also shows an
uncanny insight into human affairs. Black is the color of . strong drive
and purpose. It is the vibration of dignity. 

White is the strongest and most pure of all the color vibrations. It is
felt to be the color of perfection and pure light energy. It represents
good and fair judgement and shows the path of the spirit. 


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just wondering if anyone can point to a good reference on what to think
about when making color decisions for a site.

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