[thelist] tips on avoiding "bcc"ing to avoid being a spammer

Patsy Price beyondwords at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 26 23:17:43 CST 2004

I use bcc to do manual broadcast mailings through my own ISP to 
30-300 addresses for several clients until they can afford something 
more elegant. Other clients do their own mailings. The mail seems to 
be getting through to the few AOL and HotMail addresses on the lists 
I handle, and I've heard no complaints about the others.

> This being the case, is it not just a matter of configuring
>the SMTP server (that you use to send the messages) to accept emails with
>many-multiples of bcc's?

I've had no problems using bcc since I learned that my ISP has a 
limit of 50 addresses in the bcc field per message. With the small 
numbers I'm dealing with, it's easy enough to break up the lists into 
50 or fewer addresses. If I were sending to thousands of addresses, 
it wouldn't be so practical.

In the hope that some of these clients will soon be ready for the 
next step, I'll check out the leads that Maximillian and Alvaro have 
offered. Thank you.


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