[thelist] Re: Getting compliant code from normal people

Adrian Gonzales adrian at clearspanmedia.com
Fri Feb 27 10:19:32 CST 2004

Farcry CMS is a great xhtml+css compliant content management system. Its
also got a good role based system. Its in CF.

If you go more towards PHP:
I think both of those are standards complaint.

You can find and try out all kinds of CMS systems here:

MXWiki is in development and its 100% XHTML + CSS. Its also written in
CF. If anyone is intersted, let me know.


Maximillian Schwanekamp said the following on 02/26/04 19:06:
> No Wiki I have seen uses anything but tables for layout.  However,
> TikiWiki
> (tikiwiki.org) is a powerful wiki that does generate decent hybrid

PHPWiki (http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/) generates 
standards-compliant and (mostly) semantic code.

Adrian Gonzales Jr.
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