[thelist] Port 8080 and DNS

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Fri Feb 27 10:56:35 CST 2004

john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:

> I've build a web site using Java Server Pages, I'm not sure if I'm using
> Tomcat or JBoss to be honest at the moment. To access my page I use
> http://URL:8080
> http://URL gives an 'under construction' message.

> I would normally point the domain to the IP address, but can I use IP:8080
> as a DNS A record? I don't think so.

No. DNS has nothing to do with port assignments.

> Or, does it sound like my site's in a 'pre-public' area, requiring it to
> be moved before it goes public?

No, it sounds like you're using a servlet container that's listening
for requests on port 8080 :-)

> Any ideas?

About what? Finding a new hosting service? Yes, do. :-)

Meanwhile, either you have to reconfigure your servlet container to
listen on port 80, or you have to have whatever's listening on port
80 forward the request to your servlet container for processing.

Well, you could do a META redirect, but that's really ugly.

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