[thelist] ReadyHosting

evolt at goonies.info evolt at goonies.info
Fri Feb 27 15:38:37 CST 2004

Hey all

Has anyone had any experience with ReadyHosting as a ColdFusion host? 
I'm currently hosting my web site at CFDynamics and I'm happy with them. 
But for my clients, the price seems a little steep for the restrictions 
and features that are available at each host. My knee-jerk reaction is 
just to go with ReadyHosting, but I want to make sure that it's not too 
good to be true.

I had a bad experience with Infinology/ZeroSetup so I didn't mind paying 
a little more for the security and peace of mind. I want to make sure I 
won't sting my clients with a bad host.

Any comments would be most welcome. Thanks.

Minh Lee Goon
digerati design studios

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